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Roof Repairs and Estimates

Noticed damage to your roof, or think you may need a quick roof repair? Have missing shingles, or leaking in your attic or inside your home? Sometimes roofing systems can have minor failures long before the life of the roof is worn out. These failures can lead to leaks that most often cause interior damage. The majority of leaks we have seen can be fixed with a simple solution and do not require an entire re-roof.

Scheduling A Free Roof Inspection

Whether you need a minor roof repair done after a storm or you want to replace the entire roof on your home or facility, we’re here to help. Explore all of our services and schedule your free inspection today!

Need Help With Your Leaky Roof?

If you are experiencing a leak, need an estimate for roof maintenance, or need help to investigate a leak or damage, call or email us to request pricing for a leaky roof investigation.

If we are able to perform a roof repair to fix the spot where the roof is leaking, we certainly will do so. In the event that the roof is damaged beyond repair or the materials are reaching the end of their lifespan, we’ll provide you with an estimate to replace the roof, which will resolve the issue. When your roof is leaking, call us at Menards Roofing!

The Importance of Repairing Your Roof

All roofing materials eventually wear down or deteriorate over time. This can lead to complications such as mold and water leakage, further structure damage, and other issues. If you notice missing shingles or other signs of decay or damage to your roof, it is important to repair your roof as soon as possible to prevent expensive damage to your home. We’ll walk you through it all. No surprises with us!

Experiencing roofing problems? Call us today, (303) 578-0304!

  • Missing or damaged shingles
  • Water build up
  • Cracks in the shingle lines
  • Water leakage

Roof Coating Services vs Replacement Roofs

What is roof coating?

Let Menards Roofing help save you money on your next roof repair!
Roof coatings offer a low-cost solution to homeowners, business owners, and property managers. Using only the highest quality of sealants, repair tapes, and reinforcements, Menards Roofing is able to repair your flat roof for considerably less amount than a full roof replacement.

How is roof coating installed?

Installing a roof coating is similar to roof repairs, and is non-disruptive to the building. Because there are no air compressors or debris removal, your home or business is unaffected during installation. This is a big advantage for businesses as there is no disruption in day-to-day operations.

Are roof coatings affordable?
Roof coastings offer a lower maintenance cost. Roof coatings seal and fix leaks. This will prevent costly repairs and operations disruption that can occur.
Are there tax advantages to roof coatings?
Roof coatings are considered a maintenance cost. This means that they are 100% tax-deductible as an operating expense.
What is the lifespan of roof coatings?
Long Term Performance – The use of roof coatings increases the life of the roof without spending money to fully replace it.
Are there other savings from roof coatings?
Roof coatings drastically reduce roof temperatures allowing for a reduction in outside temperature entering the building. This leads to savings on both heating and cooling the building.