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Roof Certifications

Do you need a

Roof Certification?

Menards Roofing offers roof certifications with a 5-year certification letter. This Certification includes a full roof inspection and will only approve roofs where the roof seems to be in good standing and is inspected by a roofing professional. We certify roofs that appear visibly to be able to last a minimum of 5 years from the date of the certification.

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Scheduling A Free Roof Inspection

Whether you need a minor roof repair done after a storm or you want to replace the entire roof on your home or facility, we’re here to help. Explore all of our services and schedule your free inspection today!

What is a Roof Certification?
Looking for a roof certification near me? A Roof Cert is a certification that is issued by a licensed roofing professional stating that the roof of the property is in good standing. Oftentimes Real Estate Agents and Home Owners may need 3-5 year roof certifications in order to sell or buy a home in Colorado. Menards Roofing guarantees that qualified roofs will uphold its functionality for up to 5-years. If you have questions about a roofing certification, please contact us today!
What is a 5 Year Roof Certification?
This Certification represents the existing condition of your roof and is required by most lending institutions. Basically, the lender wants to be sure the buyer will not have to pay for a new roof for at least 3 to 5 years.
Do I need a Roof Certification?

In some instances a Roof Certification is requested by the lender. This because they want to make sure that the property they are lending on is in good shape. Some buyers realtors will request a Roof Cert as well if they have reason to believe the roof needs attention.

If you are a buyer and are concerned about the roof of your next potential home, you always have the option yourself to request a Roof Cert from a licensed professional.

How much does a Roof Certification cost?

Menards Roofing certification costs will vary by size and location. Ask for more details call us today! (303) 578-0304

What if the roof needs attention and Roof Certifications cannot be written?

In the case that the roof is questionable or needs repairs done, Menards Roofing will provide a report to indicate the areas that need to be fixed. Menards Roofing is equipped to complete any and all repairs your roof may need. Once all repairs are made, Menards Roofing will issue a written document stating that the roof is in good working order.