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Gutter Installation

Let us help you keep your gutters in great shape. We install gutter systems and repair existing systems at residential and commercial locations. We’d be happy to give you more information about our services for gutters and why you should pick us as your contractor of choice. We offer free inspections and estimates across the Denver Metro area.

Scheduling A Free Roof Inspection

Whether you need a minor roof repair done after a storm or you want to replace the entire roof on your home or facility, we’re here to help. Explore all of our services and schedule your free inspection today!

Gutter Replacement and Repair

Protect your home’s roofing and foundation with new gutters. We work quickly and efficiently to get your gutters up and running.

At Menards Roofing we offer the following gutters and downspouts:

  • 5”
  • 6”
  • Custom Box Gutter

Questions About Gutter Installations

Does my home need new gutters if I replace my roof?
Generally speaking, you would not need to replace your gutters when you replace the roof. Any gutter repairs needed can be completed after the new roof is installed. However, if you do not have a drip edge flashing installed, you may need to remove the gutters first to install the drip edge flashing on the roof to meet local building codes.
How often should I clean my gutters?
If you want to avoid costly and dangerous roof damage, make sure you clean your gutters regularly. The recommended frequency is twice a year.

Residential gutters are designed to handle rainwater, and while they’re generally very durable, sometimes buildup can occur. The frequency with which you clean gutters depends upon the size and type of gutters, location, and the amount of rainfall in your area. If you’re not sure how often should you clean gutters, here’s some information to help you decide.

Can my gutters be covered by insurance after a storm?
Gutters are an important structural part of your home. They help drain water off your roof and keep your home strong, and they help ensure that your property is healthy and safe to live on.

If your gutters are damaged in a storm by falling debris, hail, rain, wind, and more, then your homeowner’s insurance company will cover the cost to repair or replace them.

How long do gutters last?
Typically, gutters should last at least 20 years. The average lifespan is 25 – 30 years, but many gutter systems can last longer than this.

If you think your gutters may be around 10 or 15 years old and you’ve never gotten a professional inspection because there have been no problems, it’s a good idea to get one. There may be a minor issue you haven’t detected that could lead to major problems if left unfixed. Contact us today for a gutter inspection.