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Leaky Roof Repair in Brighton

Menards Roofing Projects - Roof Repair - Brighton

Project Description

"I’ve had a leaky roof, but no contractors want to work with me…"

A homeowner called looking for help, after experiencing a leaky roofy for quite a long time. They couldn’t find a contractor to help. The previous roofing contractors they called, did not want to work with them due to the style and old tile material shingles on the roof. There were numerous issues with the current roofing system that were creating noticeable damage on the inside of the home.

  • Leaks on the second story coming into the bedrooms
  • Multiple areas of drywall damage on the interior
  • Water stains on their interior ceilings
  • Potential mold issues due to leaks

Menards Leaky Roof Repair

We started with our free roofing inspection to get a better understanding of the property and why the homeowner was struggling to find a contractor to commit to the job. After assessing the current roofing system, we generated a cost-effective roofing repair solution for the homeowner. Rather than replacing the entire roof, we were able to isolate the problem spots and fix the homeowner’s leaky roof problem. Below is how we were able to repair this leaky roof:

  • Tore out the valley
  • Replaced over 500 sq ft over underlayment (protective sheet under tile roof)
  • Cleared out all of the gutters from debris
  • Sealed all damaged tiles on the roof

Our happy homeowner doesn’t have a leaky roof and also received a 5 year Roof Certification for the completed roof repairs.

Project Details

Brighton, CO
February 20, 2022
Chris Menard